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Development Process

This is the process we use when creating a website.

1. Meeting the client

We will meet you to ensure that we know what you want.
- Your expectations, your business and goals are some of the topics we will talk about;
- Understanding how you want your business to develop online and how we can help you achieve this is very important to us.

2. Quotation

- We understand times are hard and though you want a website, you don't want to break the piggy bank. So we will do our best to work around your budget. Together, we will study the best approach and in the end you will get a stylish, functional website within your budget.

3. Design

- After the consultation, we will sit at our desks and we will find the best design (colour scheme, lettering, page composition, background, images, etc.) for your website.

4. Client input

- You will receive our ideas and suggestions and then we will patiently await your comments, alterations and new ideas.

5. Coding

- Once the planning phase is sorted and you agree on the design, it is time to start coding.
HTML, CSS, jQuery, javaScript, Bootstrap are some of the script languages we use to create your new website.
- Because we want to ensure that your website will work on as many devices as possible we perform several tests on several web browsers and hand held devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc).

6. Website

- Now it is time to choose a hosting, domain, and upload your new, great looking website!

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Key principles:

1. Meet your expectations
2. Meet your budget
3. Meet your business programme
4. Create a user friendly website
5. Responsive Design
6. Stylish Design